Freshman year of college at Rutgers University, Jessica and Erin moved in across the hall from one another. Both Douglass Residential College students, they developed a lasting friendship. Their friendship never dwindled and they became roommates for Junior and Senior year while they completed their degrees in Women’s and Gender Studies. Erin focuses on global politics, while Jessica focuses on body politics. While they were able to take a few classes together, their differing knowledge has provided easy collaboration and the ability to inform one another’s work.

Jessica graduated from the School of Arts and Sciences Honors college at Rutgers University where she majored in Women and Gender Studies with minors in Art History and Comparative Literature. She was a student athlete doing gymnastics for the first two years of college and continues to coach and choreograph on the side. Jessica is currently a master’s candidate at Syracuse University in Communication and Rhetorical Studies and concentrates in identity performance- specifically gender, sexuality and disability. She is interested in continuing in academia. 

Erin graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, triple majoring in Political Science, Public Policy, and Women’s and Gender Studies. She has focused her work on how non-profit organizations can create social change within the United States and abroad. Erin was the Director of Education for an emerging non-profit in Ghana, West Africa, where she lead an employment initiate for local entrepreneurs and tradesmen to continue sustainable development in the rural areas. Erin is currently applying to graduate programs in Public Policy.